Our Curriculum


The academic curriculum of the School is divided into three segments, namely, the Nursery, Primary, Junior and the Senior School in strict compliance with the National Policy on Education.

In the early years, all students follow a common curriculum which provides widely-based courses centered on the acquisition of study skills and fundamentals which prepares them for the demand of a more rigorous learning activity.

We specially design and constantly review our curriculum to enable our children pursue their dreams without limits.

Nursery School

In our Nursery School our Methodology is committed to serving children of all religious and ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 2-5 years. We follow the basic Educational philosophy by incorporating Art, Music, Dance, Gymnastics, Computer and Outdoor Play activities.

In our classrooms we use age appropriate activities and learning tools, to create a flexible environment to meet the needs and interests of every child in our care. We take pride in teaching independence and preparing our children for the years ahead.

Careful efforts are made to inculcate social norms, the spirit of enquiry, creativity, cooperation, team work, a sense of independence, trust, and acceptance. The curriculum also focuses on the development of cognitive and practical concepts and skills, rudimentary literacy and numeracy, shapes, forms, safety and health habits etc. Ample space for play and adequate classroom space give room for sensory exploration, intellectual stimulation, motor coordination and social competence; Classroom interactions revolve round spontaneous play, expressive learning, pre-reading fundamentals, art, music, poems, and rhymes.

Primary School

Teaching from the age of 5 is by subject and is conducted by highly qualified specialist teacher. Our classes average around 20- 25 pupils.

Our curriculum and assessment procedures take into account the National Policy of Education. The Elementary School curriculum, in addition to the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, includes , information technology, music, art, physical education, French and Yoruba.

Our in years to come is to have standard assessment tests this will gives us an objective assessment of each learners progress and allows us to monitor their academics

Secondary School

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students are taught in mixed ability groups for all subjects. We use the information from the Year 7 Entrance Examination and our own internal assessments to make sure students are rightly placed.

English, Mathematics and Science are given high priority. Creative Arts, French and Yoruba Languages as well as Physical and Health Education and Games provide a well rounded and active learning.

In Years 1 and 11, students are taught in different groups for all subjects, depending on their choice of subjects in preparation for WAEC and NECO.

Students can achieve between 7 to 9 Distinction , depending on their chosen subjects and extra opportunities presented to them at final examination. Commercial, Art, Science and Technology provide the core curriculum for all.

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